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Pennsylvania’s Budget and the Power To Tax and To Destroy Part 1

The power to tax involves the power to destroy. I want to be the voice and the hand of the Forgotten Taxpayer. It is feasible to reduce spending. I will not sign any budget that spends more than revenue. I will not sign any budget or any Appropriations Act that spends more, in nominal terms, than preceding year. 

 Perhaps the most important thing taxpayers should know is that the state has been spending more than it collects in revenue for six straight years. Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget would make that a seventh year. “Commonwealth Foundation 24 February 2014  and Auditor General DePasquale warns of municipal tax increases and bankruptcies

Acts 10A to 14A spend 1/2 Bbillion dollars on five politically favored multi-billion private corporations that already have the benefit of being tax-exempt. This is corporate cronyism or Welfare to the Wealthy. The Forgotten Taxpayer cannot afford this and these universities are costing the taxpayer too much.

Almost $1.2 Bbillion in subsidies and tax credits to politically connected, multi-millionaire corporations can be eliminated. Lower taxes for all.

  No increase in capital budget which increase debt, which is deferred taxation, by billions. In the last three years, the Republican Governor with a complicit Republican General Assembly voted to increase debt by $6.3 Bbillion

Mega Multi-billion Comcast received $30 million in cash subsidy and $4.5 billion in job creation tax credits. The business aristocracy does well.

There are many more cuts that I am sure can be made. The Governor has a line item veto. Article IV Section 16.

I want to be the voice and the hand of the Forgotten Taxpayer. I am able and willing to veto bills that spend more than revenue, to end corporate cronyism. I am able and more than willing to say “NO” to more spending.

We trust citizens to vote. Why would we not trust the same citizens to spend their money as they think best and to send their kids to the schools they think meet their kids’ needs?

I think this is a message that will appeal to Kennedy Democrats. 

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