10 April 2014 0 Comments

Not This Republican — The Power To Tax and the Power To Destroy Part 2

  Republicans join the call for tax on Marcellus drillers

Not this Republican. The Republican Governor and Republican General Assembly targeted Marcellus Shale with the deceptively named “Impact Fee”.

Marcellus Shale is non-union.

When an initiative is led by Union financedProgressive” Tom Murt, you know it is a union idea. Republican (?) Tom Murt is allied and funded by BucksCo Union Republican (?) Gene DiGirolamo. 

“The Power to tax involves the power to destroy”. When one business is singled out, then any business can be targeted and no business is safe from the General Assembly’s avarice. More power to the General Assembly means fewer resources for individual citizens to pursue happiness in the way they choose. Giving more money and more power to the General Assembly is not a good idea. That’s an understatement.

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