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The Knockout Game at Philadelphia’s Government Operated Unionized Bartram High –Part 1

   Bartram staffer Alphonso Stevenson was knocked unconscious by a student at the school on March 21. This image was posted on Twitter that day. READ MORE Kristen Graham and Dylan Purcell 31 March 2014 Philadelphia Inquirer

The Inquirer’s Pulitzer Prize winning Seven Part series “Assault on Learning” ran 27 March 2011 to 3 April 2011 documents in detail how physically dangerous Philadelphia government schools are. Not much has changed in four years.  READ MORE Assault on Learning by Kristen Graham and Dylan Purcell March –April 2011

No wonder that more and more Philadelphia parents are sending their kids to Charter Schools where it is safe. See Philadelphia School District About Us  Number of Charter School Students 60, 774

   And Philadelphia privately run, non-unionized Charters perform better at lower cost. It is disgraceful that we, the people, force our neighbors to send their kids to dangerous and dysfunctional government schools.   In Philadelphia, Charter Schools outperform their unionized, government school neighborsREAD MORE PaIndependent Maura Pennington 23 December 2013



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