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Republican Representative Daryl Metcalfe is The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend – Rep. Metcalfe votes Against Act 89 of 2013 Corbett/Republican Tax Increase

      Representative Daryl Metcalfe  is voted AGAINST  Corbett’s $2.4 Bbillion dollar Tax Increase to fix Pennsylvania’s obvious crumbling roads and falling bridges.  

  House Vote Act 89 of 2013 (HB1060) 21 November 2013 

Representative Daryl Metcalfe  voted NAY on Act 89 of 2013 This was a Vote FOR Liberty, Economic Freedom and the Forgotten Taxpayer.  Representative Daryl Metcalfe  voted against  More spending and More Taxes 

  Republican (?) Tom Corbett and uber Democrat Ed Rendell on Capitol steps rally for more spending and more taxes.

Republican (?) Tom Corbett and Ed Rendell joined together to lobby for more spending and more taxes


  District 12 Map  Republican, serving Butler County (Part) Member of the House  1999 to date


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