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Republican Representative Tommy Sankey’s Bad Debt Vote – The Forgotten Taxpayer Is Not Happy

 Tom Sankey   District 74  Republican, serving Clearfield County (Part)


    Act 69 of 2013 Tommy Sanky  voted YEA to increase debt ; every Democrat voted YEA to increase debt. 

A “YEA” was a vote against Liberty, against Economic Freedom and against The Forgotten Taxpayer

The House Vote on Capital Budget Act 69 of 2013 is a vote to increase  debt by $1.75 billion dollars.

Fiscal Note House Committee on Appropriations


  Pennsylvania Debt “Today, Pennsylvanians owe $121 billion in state and local government debt.  This equates to more than $9,400 for every person, and almost $38,000 for the average family of four in the commonwealth—an increase of $10,300 since 2002. “READ MORE Pennsylvania Debt Commonwealth Foundation 21 March 2012




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