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Tom Corbett: Promises Made; Promises Broken — When Good Men and Women Do Nothing…..

Inline image 1  I am looking for people will to circulate petitions collecting signatures to put me on the primary ballot challenging Tom Corbett’s nomination.

I do not intend to spend any money and I am not asking for any contributions. I do not know how many people are actually angry enough to put someoe on the ballot who is independent of the Republican Party leadership. Denying Tom Corbett is to defeat a discredited and duplictious State Republican (?) Leadership(?). I have as much chance of winning next November as does Tom Corbett.

How angry are you? Inline image 3Angry enough to do something?

Inline image 4    Tom Corbett is funded by Obama Billionaire Philadelphia Comcast Democrats and State Committee brags about it defiantly.
Inline image 5 Tom Corbett collaborates with Ed Rendell,and coalition of  SEPTA and mass transit ($480 to $495 million) , Philadelphia AFl-CIO and Pensylvania AFL-CIO, Big Business highway, road and brdige contractors to impose the largest gas and diesel fuel tax in 22 years, far bigger than any Rendell Tax increase  ( $7.3 to $7.5 Bbillion over 5 years  Fiscal Note Spread Sheet page 9).
Tom Corbett: Promises Made; Promises Broken
Inline image 2   Who pays for all of this? And how much better are our lives for this multi-multi billion dollar bipartisan spending bill? Cui Bono– who benefits?
Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

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