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Private Tax-Exempt Billion Dollar Corporation Given Nearly Quarter Billion Taxpayer Dollars by Republican General Assembly and Republican Governor

Penn State given  $229, 694,000 of  taxpayer dollars by Act 10 A of 2013 

 Republican Senator Corman is Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Corman Dynasty has held the SD 34. Senator Corman is up for re-election November 2014.

   Senator Jake Corman represents Penn State’s Centre County.

  $229,694,000 (slightly less than ¼ Bbillion dollars) to Jerry Sandusky’s football crazed Penn State  An increase of $2,000,000 or .09%. Private, tax-exempt Penn State has an annual budget of more than $4 Bbillion dollars.

See House Vote 1 July 2013 SB725 Act 10A  4 Nay votes by The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friends.  Rep. McGinnis NAY.

Senate Vote predictably and consistently unanimous. Big Government procreates in the Pennsylvania Senate.  


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