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Marcellus Shale Impact “Fee” Is Redistributed to Counties Without Any Marcellus Shale Drilling including two counties with moratoriums on natural gas drilling

If Impact Fee/Tax is redistributed by number of wells, why does Philadelphia County and Bucks County, both of which have moratoriums (Act 87 of 2012 for Bucks County) get any money? Because the General Assembly, cynically, with intent to mislead termed this tax a fee.

Bucks: $530,461.69
• Chester: $423,255.23
• Delaware: $474,238.17
• Montgomery: $678,613.66
• Philadelphia: $1,294,664.55

   Impact Fee Revenue Will Boost Conservation Efforts, MontCo Kate Harper Says Pennsylvania.s five southeastern counties will receive more than $3.4 million in revenue from the collection of an impact fee on natural gas drilling activities in the Marcellus Shale, said Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery). The funding awarded directly to the counties is just a small portion of the nearly $200 million in impact fees collected so far this year. Additional revenue is dedicated to municipalities where drilling is taking place; to state agencies for the regulation of drilling activities and administration of the impact fee law; and to environmental initiatives, such as the Environmental Stewardship Fund, Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund and county conservation districts.  READ MORE Rep Kate Harper email update

The Liberty Index scores Act 13 of 2012 Tier 3 (Major Impact on Liberty) AGAINST LIBERTY and AGAINST THE FORGOTTEN TAXPAYER because the misnamed “Impact Fee” is, in reality, a tax. A real Impact Fee would be segregated in a fund to compensate people for damage from “externalities” of Marcellus Shale drilling. This phony fee does not do that but redistributes profits without regard to merit.  A “YEA” vote is a vote AGAINST LIBERTY AND AGAINST THE FORGOTTEN TAXPAYER

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