17 December 2013 0 Comments

Lancaster Republican Delegation Votes YEA for Corbett Gas Tax Increase – They Are Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend

The entire Lancaster County Republican delegation voted for Tom Corbett’s perpetual, annual $2.4 Bbillion dollar gas tax increase.

                                   All voted YEA for more spending and more taxes.

Gordon Denlinger House District 99 Member since 2003 wants to be Senator

Ryan Aument House District 41 Member since 2011 wants to be State Senator

Bryan Cutler,

Mindy Fee,

David Hickernell,

 Keith Greiner,

Steven Mentzer


The Pennsylvania House Vote 21 November 2013 HB1060 Act 69 of 2013

Fiscal Note Senate Appropriations Committee   

“The enactment of House Bill 1060, as amended, would generate approximately $2.4 billion additional annual funding by FY 2017-2018, to be utilized for transportation related infrastructure and operating subsidies.”

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