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Republican Rep. Mike Vereb Bipartisan – The Campaign Finance Record Tells Us Where MontCo Is Headed.

It appears that union financed, spend and tax bipartisan Mike Vereb is the new Montgomery County Republican Committee chair. What does that tell us about the future of MontCo Republican Party. There is a reason that more new voters are registering “unaffiliated” that Republican*.

There is a reason Republicans are losing in Montgomery County. Recently, two candidates for judges were easily defeated. This is first time Democrats have swept judicial races.There is a reason that forced unionism, particularly at the county level, is advancing in Montgomery County. More spending and more taxes, and, even more debt, seem likely in Montgomery County. Oh well…it is not as bad as Philadelphia.



The  Bipartisan Republican Representative Mike Vereb endorsed by SEIU and AFL-CIO and financed by PSEA teachers’ union  and financed by Republican Rep Gene DiGirolamo’s Good Jobs Pa and by Wendell Young IV’s United Commercial and Food Workers Union who opposed liquor privatization and by Dick Yuengling who was for privatization. The 1776 PAC endorses Democrat Rob McCord READ MORE Pennsylvania Power Cycle Comes Back to Rob McCord 6 November 2013 .


READ MORE Pennsylvania’s Government Unions 27 October  2011

Unions’ Political Power, READ MORE Government Unions’ Unfair Political Advantage Commonwealth Foundation 19 September 2013  and the Corbett Administration’s Union Friendly (and not Taxpayer Friendly) Union Contracts READ MORE Disappointing Results from State Union Contract Deals Commonwealth Foundation 5 July 2011

*Margaret Gibbons phillyburbs reports and comments: ” Of the 3,814 new voter registrations filed in Montgomery County since the last election, 1,676 registered as Democrats and 954 registered as Republicans. No surprise there.

What is startling is that 1,024 opted not to be affiliated with any party.
It is really pathetic when the no-affiliations exceed the registrations of one of the two major parties.”

Oddly, Mike Vereb has a 100% rating from Grover Norquist Charlie GID Gerow’s  American Conservative Union. How does that happen?

Union contracts have real impact on Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer. How likely is it that the Pennsylvania Forgotten Taxpayer will get pension reform relief when unions finance the Republicans?

“In Gov. Tom Corbett’s 2012-13 proposed budget, payment into state pension plans will increase to $1.6 billion, up from about $1 billion the previous year. By 2016, projected state and school district pension payments will balloon to $5.6 billion, an increase of more than 400% in just five years. The most recently negotiated state contract for AFSCME Council 13 and SEIU Local 668 adds further injury, giving workers an 11.2% pay increase over four years, and requiring minimal employee contributions to health care costs compared to what private sector workers pay.”  READ MORE The Squeeze: The Government Unions’ Grip on Pennsylvania 5 March 2013 Commonwealth Foundation.



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