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Corbett’s Man in Montgomery County – A Dying Party – Mike Vereb Chair of MCRC

Tom Corbett’s Man in Montgomery County Killing the Republican Party

 “The Governor’s job approval among moderate Republicans is only 31% while 58% disapprove. Gov. Corbett still has positive approval ratings with self-identified somewhat conservative voters (49% to 38%) and very conservative voters (48% to 33%).

 Of the Republicans primary voters polled, only 42% said they support having Corbett be the gubernatorial nominee next year. 47%, on the other hand, responded that they would prefer someone else.

 Of those surveyed, 57% of moderate Republicans prefer another nominee while 50% of very conservative Republicans prefer to keep Gov. Corbett.”

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Mike Vereb is Tom Corbett’s man in Montgomery County. The PPP polls were before the Republican Leadership, of which Mike Vereb is one, hammered the taxpayer with Corbett’s Gas Tax of $2.4 billion annually perpetually; the biggest tax increase since Democratic Bob Casey in 1991. Chris Freind expresses the feelings of many.READ MORE 26 November 2013 DelCo Times Chris Freind

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Tom Corbett’s Campaign “Promises Kept” and the Corbett $2.4 Billion Dollar Tax Increase

Republican Speaker Sam Smith led the House to impose the $2.4 Bbillion Republican “Corbett Gasoline Tax”:

“The funding has been pushed hard by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, who when he signs the bill will renege on his biggest 2010 campaign pledge of “no new taxes and no new fees.” Corbett announced his bid for reelection two weeks ago on a campaign theme of “Promises Kept.”” READ MORE Jim Panyard mediatrackers 21 November 2013.


The Corbett Con

The former lobbyist for transportation industry, now PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch and Corbett Administration calculate, callously, that we will not notice the increase in gas prices due to this bill. The entire 5 year cost is about $7.5 billion. 

 “The new tax will phase in over five years, meaning prices are unlikely to spike but will increase gradually. PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch has repeatedly argued that consumers will be unlikely to notice the changes due to the ever-fluctuating price of gasoline.”  READ MORE PaIndependent Eric Boehm 22 November 2013



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