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Remembrances Officer Down Joshua D. Miller, Pennsylvania State Trooper End of Watch June 7, 2009 Post Office Named For Him

With all the election hype and Sandy and all the other things in our lives, it is important to remember.




End of Watch: Sunday, June 7, 2009

State Trooper Joshua D. Miller, 34, of Pittston Township, was killed June 7, 2009 during a shoot-out with a kidnapping suspect following a 40-mile, high-speed pursuit that ended on Route 611 in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County. Miller and his partner, Robert Lombardo, were shot, but returned fire and killed the suspect, allowing other officers to free a 9-year-old boy from the gunman’s car. Lombardo attended the ceremony honoring his fallen friend.

A post office in Pittston, Pennsylvania was rededicated to Trooper Joshua D. Miller so they we all can remember what he did and why he did it…to protect and defend us. READ MORE Citizens Voice 25 October 2012

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