18 November 2012 0 Comments

The Democrats Cannot Be Trusted with Money Part 11…Scranton’s Parking Authority, Like Harrisburg’s Incinerator, Is Going Bankrupt

The Scranton Parking Authority expects city council to help cover a loan payment that’s due Saturday to avoid another default of the agency, SPA’s attorney said Wednesday.

SPA has a $930,000 bond payment due in two days but needs the city to cover $325,000 of it, SPA solicitor Joseph O’Brien said.

The city guarantees the debt, and officials from the city and SPA have been working diligently over the past two weeks to reach an accord that does not repeat the divisive situation of June 1, when the SPA was forced into a default on a $1 million bond payment by council’s refusal to cover that bill, Mr. O’Brien said.  READ MORE Citizens Voice  13 September 2012  Scranton Parking Authority expects council to help cover debt





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