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Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money Part 8 – Stranger Than Fiction – Unions Can Legally Stalk and Sabotage – Unions Exempt from Law by the Law

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A recent US Chamber of Commerce report noted that labor unions in Pennsylvania are exempt from stalking laws when it comes to labor disputes. From the stalking law:  “This section shall not apply to conduct by a party to a labor dispute as defined in the act of June 2, 1937 (P.L.1198, No.308), known as the Labor Anti-Injunction Act, or to any constitutionally protected activity.”



“It turns out, stalking isn’t the only crime labor unions get a pass on. Pennsylvania’s criminal code, Title 18, also exempts organized labor from responsibility for harrassment [sic] and…threatening to use weapons of mass destruction.

“In the statute, a weapon of mass destruction counts as any “bomb, biological agent, chemical agent or nuclear agent.” It is illegal to call in a bomb threat, or suggest you have a nuclear warhead, or like Marvin the Martian, threaten to destroy the earth with your space modulator. That is, unless you are in a labor dispute—in which case, that behavior is perfectly acceptable.”


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