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Democrats Cannot Be Trusted With Money Part 7 – The Public Sector Unions Fund Democrats (and Republican Leadership)

Some may note that “leadership” in the Republican Senate and House are selling out The Forgotten Taxpayer.  Although the Democrats received most of the Union Money, much can be explained about the failure of the Republican Controlled General Assembly and the Republican Governor to pass real pension reform, real school choice, that is, a vast expansion of Education Improvement Tax Credits and Vouchers, Right to Work legislation, sale of government run liquor store monopoly, and so on.  All this without mentioning The General Assembly’s two votes that increased Pennsylvania Debt $4.6 BBillion Dollars.

From Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania:

October 18, 2012: After CAP launched our government union money website, we had a number of requests from people who wanted to know how much candidates for the legislature had received. We put together spreadsheets that contain all of the candidates and members of the legislature:

 House 2012 Government Union Money

Senate 2012 Government Union Money

 The data is arranged alphabetically, and we include all third party candidates  READ MORE Government Union Money: 2012 Election Edition Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania 18 October 2012



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