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The Enemy Within – Republican Leadership Sells Out The Forgotten Taxpayer with $2.3 Billion More Debt

Tribune Review’s Mike Wereschagin and Brad Bumsted have an excellent article about Capital Budget SB 1480    which was voted on by both House and Senate (every Senator except Mike Folmer and John Eichelberger )voted YEA meaning the entire Senate Republican Leadership voted YEA” Pennsylvania lawmakers ignore debt to boost borrowing.

The House Vote of 3 October 2012 is here A “YEA” vote was a vote AGAINST THE FORGOTTEN TAXPAYER  Every member of Pennsylvania State House voted “YEA” to increase debt of Pennsylvania Taxpayers by $2.3 billion

READ MORE Pennsylvania State Republican-controlled House and Senate  Ignore State Debt to Boost Borrowing  by $2.3 Billion For Unidentified Capital Projects Tribune Review 15 October 2012



Pennsylvania Government Debt 21 March 2012  Commonwealth Foundation

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