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he Enemy Within – Union Republicans Selling Out The Forgotten Taxpayer – Rep. Tom Murt MontCo

Rep. Murt is financed by public sector unions in the amount of $13,500 in 2012 alone. Rep. Murt has failed in his inability to address the SERS and PSERS public sector pension problem because the public sector unions don’t want reform. Rep. Murt is the “enemy within”, Union Republicans selling out The Forgotten Taxpayer.

Rep. Murt voted for $4.6 BBilion dollars in new debt (deferred taxation) with his YEA votes for Capital Budget Act 130 of 2011 and Capital Budget Act 193  of 2012. Rep. Murt is NOT The Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend. Rep. Murt voted for Capital Budget Act of 2012 without knowing what projects this money was being used for.  He then delegated his legislative responsibilities to control taxation and funding to the Executive Branch

Rep. Murt distracts the voters in his district with anodyne “child labor “ legislation, this is a solution without a problem to distract the voters from his Big Spending and Big Borrowing record.

A superficial, shallow and seemingly lazy or stupid media fails to expose Rep. Murt’s real record. Is this article news?  Or just simply a contrived infomercial for Rep. Murt?

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