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Diana Irey Vaughan for State Treasurer Part 1: Independent of Party Leadership, Competent and Experienced

Some background on Diana Irey Vaughan, candidate for Pennsylvania Treasurer. Competent, Experienced and Independent of Party Leadership

Diana Irey Vaughan is a five-term Washington County Commissioner, wife to a soldier who recently returned home from Afghanistan, mother of three children, and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s choice for state treasurer.

First elected in 1995, Diana is the only woman to ever serve as Washington County Commissioner. She is well respected across the county as a job creator with a track record of fiscal responsibility and the leadership and business acumen to make tough decisions.

During her time as commissioner, Diana has made Washington County a better place to live and work. She balanced seven consecutive budgets without increasing taxes, opposed inmates’ access to cable television, and put non-violent inmates to work in the community without pay, producing more than 210,000 hours of community service.

Even more impressively, Washington County was recently ranked third in the nation for job growth by the U.S. Department of Labor after Diana fostered an environment that created well over 6,000 new jobs for Washington County.

A proven leader, Diana will continue her practice of fiscal responsibility as Pennsylvania treasurer.

Learn more about Diana’s stance on the issues & view photos of her within the community!


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