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Ethanol 15 Infographic – Costs More and Damages Cars – Government Mandates May Not Be a Good Idea

Infographic from Smart Fuel Future

Raising Prices


Not only do biofuel mandates raise consumer food prices, but significant quantities of biofuels will not be cost competitive with gasoline without significant technological advances or spikes in petroleum prices. A Colorado State University study found that Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)-mandated biofuels production will be so costly, that it is likely to raise both petroleum prices and increase ethanol prices by 18.8 percent.



The Automotive and Petroleum industry funded Coordinating Research Council, Inc presents a comprehensive report on dangers to car engines of E15 READ MORE April 2012


The goal of the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) Project CM-136-09-1B,

“Intermediate-Level Ethanol Blends – Engine Durability Study,” was to investigate the effects of two intermediate-level ethanol blends on several models of current, on-road, non-Flexible-Fuel Vehicles (non-FFVs).

The motivation to conduct the study originated in response to the 2007 Energy

Independence and Security Act which mandates 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels be used by 2022. READ MORE April 2012


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