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Coming Apart Part 1: Marriage and Poverty – Values and Behavior Have Consequences- What You Believe Matters



Secular studies support this assertion.READ MORE Heritage Foundation


Not surprisingly, Secular Humanists and Progressive Materialists  at Huffington Post take a different view : “Not surprisingly,  I was dismayed to hear about The Heritage Foundation’s recently released study: “Marriage: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty.” The study tracks statistics such as the growth of unwed childbirth, and the “death” (their word) of marriage over the past 80 years, before coming to this conclusion: “Marriage drops the probability of child poverty by 82 percent.” The study’s solution? Push marriage — especially in low-income communities — as the primary antidote to poverty.

It doesn’t take super powers to see through this study. By suggesting that not being married is the cause of poverty rather than a result, The Heritage Foundation is presenting statistics in an over-simplified way that benefits their broader values and beliefs about the sanctity of marriage. The message boils down to this: “If you don’t want to be poor, get married!” (The reverse is also implied: “If you’re poor and not married, it’s your own fault!”)

There are many problems with this message, but I’m going to stick with my foundational point: Marriage should never be taken lightly. Suggesting that marriage is a matter of economics not only cheapens the institution, it puts it — and women — in more peril.” READ MORE  14 September 2012 Huffington Post Kristen Tenant Using Marriage As A Weapon Against Poverty Hurts Women


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