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Harrisburg Debt Part 2 – City’s $1.5 Billion Dollar Debt – Debt Per Peson – Bankruptcy

Harrisburg’s Forgotten Taxpayer  is being crushed by the cities debt, however we must remember that it was the residents and voters of Harrisburg who got themselves into this mess.

“At best estimates, based upon reviews of independent reports and audited financial statements, the amount of debt accrued by the city and its affiliated entities — with interest — stands somewhere north of $1.5 billion.

That’s roughly $30,285 for each of the 49,528 people that reside in Harrisburg.  This figure not only includes men, women but also children, and is almost twice the income of the average city resident. READ MORE Harrisburg’s eye-popping debt total is just one piece of city’s bleak financial puzzle 29 May 2012 Pennlive.com Nick Malewskey

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