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Ethanol Mandate Expanded – ArchersDanielsMidland Wins – Gas Mileage Loses

In June, the EPA waived Clean Air Act sale restrictions on t E15, a fuel blend containing 15 percent corn alcohol.

Consumer Reports, the product-testing organization found a flex-fuel vehicle designed to run on ethanol.   This vehicle logged a nearly 30 percent drop in fuel economy when using E15.

In 2009, corn growers petitioned the EPA for a profit-boosting increase on cap on ethanol content. This will help the industry achieve the congress established “artificial mandate,” guaranteeing that the companies will sell 36 billion gallons of their product by 2020. The EPA announced in 2010 that E15, ( which has 50 percent more corn juice,) was safe for use in cars model 2007 and newer.

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