27 October 2012 0 Comments

The Obama Administration and the Coal Miner Vote – Marxism Doesn’t Create Jobs

KEEP AMERICA WORKING! Vote Romney Ryan and Tom Smith Coal Miner

WV [ and southwest Pennsylvania] is in support of Romney/Ryan the proposed closing of yet more coal mines in WV, PA and VA has left a sour taste in the mouth of these states and they do not support Obama. Obama is trying to close more mines in favor of the green energy that was already shown to be a failure, the Coal industry got a reprieve from the courts against the EPA when they over stepped their power by setting up water quality criteria for coal mining in WV and KY, The ruling represents the latest setback to the Obama administration’s attempt to crack down on mountaintop removal coal mining. He wants to stop the production of all coal mining in all the coal producing states, for his own agenda, the Green Energy. IF the united coal miners union indorse Romney and Ryan, this is a major thing that a union has set aside there democratic values to get rid of Obama


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