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Coal Mines Closing Down Part 2 – United Mine Workers of America Not to

In 2008 Candidate Barack Obama promised to close down coal mines (which will put both owners and employees out of business) and he and his Administration has kept that promise. This is causing people to lose real and productive jobs furthering the negative state of our economy.

Profits pay people: creating the simple sad equation – no profits = no payroll. Even the coal miner’s union has figured out that Barack Obama is bad news for their livelihood. Saving the planet from global warming using his methods means some people will have to be put out of work.

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Mike Caputo, a member of the UMWA and a Democratic member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, stands near the house where he grew up in Rivesville, W.V. The coal plant in the background, one of the oldest in the nation and supports many families is shutting down

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