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Casey Strikes Out with Millions of Government/Taxpayer Dollars to Philadelphia Housing Authority – Federal Auditors, Not Surprisingly, Find Waste, Fraud and Abuse – millions spent on ‘shoddy and unsafe’ low-income housing

Senator Bob Casey has earmarked millions of The Forgotten Taxpayer’s dollars for the Philadelphia Housing Authority which as is well-known for as Federal auditors have now documented, inefficiencies and corruption. It is difficult to understand how Sen. Casey can continue to fund this government authority without requiring that it spend The Forgotten Taxpayer’s money for purposes intended. If Federal Auditors can find “waste, fraud and abuse”, then, anyone can.

It is sad not only for The Forgotten Taxpayer but also for the people the taxpayer’s money is supposed to help.  80,000 low-income tenants are dependent on government/taxpayer money for free housing. At the least, the appropriator could make sure the money is spent competently.

    Competence Counts.

Tom Smith, competently, built a business and, competently, met a payroll, and, competently, made the taxes that Sen. Casey spends so recklessly.  Tom Smith is The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF.

Casey at Bat for Philly Housing Authority Millions in stimulus spending went to ‘shoddy and unsafe’ low-income housing, auditors found

Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) was instrumental in securing millions of dollars in stimulus funds for the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) that was used for shoddy and unsafe work at low-income housing units, federal auditors later found.

Casey was a vocal proponent of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the stimulus bill, and he and the rest of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation worked aggressively to steer stimulus funds to their districts.

Of particular interest to Casey was securing funds for the PHA.

The PHA is the fourth-largest public housing authority in the U.S., with more than 80,000 low-income tenants. It was awarded more than $90 million in stimulus funds in September 2009.

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