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Taxing Businesses – The Willie Sutton Economic Policy – Because That’s Where the Money Is

The Marxist Alinsky – Willie Sutton – Obama “Tax the Rich” is an ongoing leitmotif of American politics and academic discourse.  Street- smart, Philadelphia bank robber, Willie Sutton, explained this underlying philosophy in simple and clear terms:   After being convicted for being a serial bank robber a judge asked him why he robbed banks, he answered “because that’s where the money is.”.

The Continuing Superstitions -This article first appeared in the October 13, 1972, issue of NATIONAL REVIEW and reprinted in National Review Online 24 August 2012

Misconceptions are abroad in the land. In the supposed interest of the “common man,” politicians propose to raise taxes (already too high) so as to make business (“them”) pay its “fair share” (it already does, and then some) and take much of the burden off the individual taxpayer (“us” — but we’ll pay more than ever).”

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