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Switzerland’s Debt – 35% of Gross Domestic Product – Some Complain

35% debt to GDP and someone complains

“At around 35 percent, Switzerland’s debt-to-gross domestic product-ratio is a very managable figure.  Furthermore, in comparison with the 90% average for its neighbors in the (sic) “Euro zone” it puts that figure in a very positive perspective.

Highly-rated Swiss debt is beloved by safe-haven investors, and with only 91 billion francs of federal bonds and bills outstanding, yields on 10-year and 30-year bonds are close to historic lows, below 1 percent.” READ MORE Reuters 30 August 2012 Bosley and Pretterklieber


George Liu sees Switzerland as manipulating its currency. READ MORE 8 June 2012 Seeking Alpha The Strength of the Swiss Franc


“New to the grey-suited world of central banking, Fritz Zurbruegg is taking over arguably the most important job at the Swiss National Bank: keeping a 24-hour watch on markets to defend its cap on the safe-haven franc.” READ MORE Meet the new Mr. Swiss franc: Fritz Zurbruegg  27 July 2012


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