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Bob Casey Inherited a Political Name – Tom Smith Self-Made Millionaire – Tax Taker v Tax Maker FreedomWorks for Tom Smith

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Pennsylvania deserves better than Bob Casey. Since day one, he has served as a rubber stamp for a radical, far-left agenda. Casey has been a loyal foot-soldier in the Obama administration’s War on Coal. Instead of standing up for the people of Pennsylvania, Casey has taken the side of Democratic Party elites in Washington D.C.

And what is Casey’s response to four years of trillion-dollar deficits and staggering levels of unemployment? More regulation, more taxes and more reckless spending. Casey’s ideas sound like a broken record – and they are hurting Pennsylvania.

Bob Casey has failed to lead, and Pennsylvania desperately needs a new direction. Fortunately, Tom Smith offers refreshing ideas and a better course for America. In the final days before the most critical election of our lives, the time has come to take a stand for freedom.

Tom Smith is a genuine fiscal conservative who will finally give Pennsylvanians the voice they deserve. He will fight to simplify the tax code, reign in federal spending and put a stop to the oppressive mandates and regulations that are crushing manufacturers.

For Freedom,

Russ Walker
National Political Director, FreedomWorks for America


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