22 October 2012 0 Comments

More Corporate and Personal Welfare: More Getting More Government Checks – Who Pays?

Obama’s policies for four years, two of which, Jan 2009 to Jan 2011, he governed with Democratic Majority, and this is what happened. It is clear what will happen with four more years of these policies. More Welfare, Corporate and Individual; More Tax Takers and Fewer Tax Makers.

Federal welfare spending has grown by 32 percent over the past four years, fattened by President Obama’s stimulus spending and swelled by a growing number of Americans whose recession-depleted incomes now qualify them for public assistance, according to numbers released Thursday.

 Federal spending on more than 80 low-income assistance programs reached $746 billion in 2011, and state spending on those programs brought the total to $1.03 trillion, according to figures from the Congressional Research Service and the Senate Budget Committee.  Read more: Welfare spending jumps 32% during Obama’s presidency – Washington Times  18 October 2012




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