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Islam In America: Green Lantern – Christian Arabs Fronting for Islamism

American Culture is a powerful force and now “Hollywood” teams up to promote a begnin and somewhat heroic islamic culture.  Debbie Schlussel writes:

“Yet another Christian Arab ends up the water carrier dhimmi for Islam. This time with DC Comics. Geoff Johns, creative director of DC Comics made the latest Green Lantern an Arab. And he debuts it at the anti-Israel, jihadist, tax-funded Arab American National Museum, which, as I’ve repeatedly noted, is run by Muslims, who hijack Christian Arabs’ achievements in America in order to cover up their own extremism and lack of achievement. Now Johns is bending over for them, too. “

New Green Lantern is an Arab; Author Debuts Al-Superhero @ Anti-Israel HAMAS/Hezbo Museum August 24, 2012, Debbie Schlussel









DC Comics Dhimmi Geoff Johns & His Arab Green Lantern



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