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The GOP and the Muslim Brotherhood Islam In America -Dinesh D’Souza 2016

” Terrorism is a vicious crime, but it becomes a national-security threat only when it is an instrument of an ideology that aims to destroy our country.” Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy discusses the Republican Party’s too close relationship with Islamism, totalitarian, utopian, violent, expansionist and implacably opposed to American Exceptionalism.

“But something happened to the GOP in the Bush years. For all the welcome understanding that Bill Clinton was wrong — that the jihad could not be indicted into submission — the Bush administration never learned a fundamental truth that Reagan knew only too well: You cannot defeat your enemies unless you understand them, and you cannot even begin to understand them if you are too craven to name them.”

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Debbie Schlussel writes on how the Muslim Brotherhood  subtly, and stealthily infiltrates our society under the cover of pious pretenses of tolerance

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