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CATO on Foreign Policy: Iraq and Iran

Libertarian CATO has a  solid and reliable stance – pro Free Market, Free Trade while opposing Statism,  Protectionism, Mercantilism, Crony Capitalism, Corporatism. CATO, and foreign military intervention for economic reasons.  From the Libertarian view, it is the need for a strong state that can fight wars and is the motivation for building a strong, centralized  command and control state that fits the military model that ultimately leads to state control of the economy. The purpose of the State is to protect and defend the USA from military attack. This was the primary purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the reason for the adoption of the US Constitution, Free Trade and an effective National Defense.

CATO@Liberty comments and asks:

“At its heart—and far from free market—the former vice president’s world view fulfills a radical interpretation of U.S. foreign policy. Cheney gives new life to the works of revisionist historians like William Appleman Williams, by propagating the pernicious notion that U.S. intervention abroad is required to control the flow of raw materials and protect America’s wealth and power.


CATO “What is so remarkable about this vision proffered by Cheney, is how it fails to elucidate precisely how either country threatens America’s interests, or economic well-being?  If one were to challenge the validity of Cheney’s claims, questions would include:

What is the likelihood of such a hypothetical disruption?

What is the harm if America’s access to markets is closed, and for how long?

How would the perpetrators of the closure be affected?

How has America dealt with such disruptions in the past?

Would there be available alternatives?

And, most importantly, would the risks to America’s interests and economic well-being be worse if it took preventive action?  READ MORE CATO@Liberty 23 August 2012 The GOP’s Big Government Problem 



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