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Karl Marx Introduced Anti-Semitism Into America – Max Geltman

  ” The Russian Loan” January 4th, 1856, a slow news day, “Jews, loan mongering and the Russian Czar and New England Intellectuals, Emerson, Greeley, Hawthorne, Charles Augustus Dana, Charles Fourier  ” and more are part of this fascinating insight.

Karl Marx is the one who introduced “class warfare analysis” into economics, and here he expands  his scope to include “the Jews”.


READ MORE A Little-Known Chapter in American History  October 5, 1965, NATIONAL REVIEW.By Max Geltman. This article first appeared in 1965 and was reprinted at National Review Online 30 August 2010

and so it continues to this day, not just rapacious Plutocrats exploiting the common man but “Jews”

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