4 October 2012 0 Comments

Pennsylvania US Senate Dynamics – Real Deal Coal Miner v. Career Politician Bob Casey

Tom Smith was a card carrying UMWA member when he operated surface mining equipment. Then, Farm Boy Tom Smith, “bet the farm” and bought a coal mine and then he sold it for multi-millions. Bob Casey? He never met a payroll or produced anything anyone would voluntarily pay for or has he hired a productive, tax making worker. Tom Smith Productive Tax Taker; Bob Casey- Tax Taker

“It’s no secret that Barack Obama has declared war on the coal industry and the jobs it maintains. He declared war back in 2008. However, back then few were actually listening.

Then, back in April, Cecil Roberts, the President of the United Mine Workers of America, had a stunning revelation: Barack Obama would like to do to coal miners’ jobs what he had the Navy Seals do to Osama Bin Ladenkill ‘em dead.

Now, the Obama Administration’s war on coal is costing Candidate Obama an important union endorsement–that of Roberts’ UMWA.


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