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The Enemy Within – Republicans Selling Out Republicans – Dave Argall Mike Fleck SEIU

Alleged Republican Representative Mike Fleck Teams up with Alleged Republican Senator Dave Argall and SEIU, the largest public, sector, union in America. “No Secrets Here” On Rep. Fleck’s Republican Web Site  READ MORE Rep Mike Fleck’s Web Site     and see Rep. Fleck’s comments as reported by TRIADVOCATE below.

Bipartisan: Another Word for “Screw the Taxpayer”



Dave “Can I Fool Them Again” Argall

” After months of opposition from bipartisan coalitions in the House and Senate as well as SEIU Healthcare PA, AFSCME and the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, the Corbett administration is shifting course on a plan to privatize the nurses in Department of Corrections’ facilities.”  READ MORE Bipartisan effort persuades state to drop privatization of Corrections nurses The TRIADVOCATE 17

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