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General Motors – Taxpayer Financed Expands in China – Short History and Overview of General Motors in China

WSJ provide us with a historical  perspective in it’s overview of the Taxpayer, financed, General Motor’s Partnership with the Chinese government.  It also provides the same perspective on General Motor’s investments, operations and jobs. READ MORE Balancing the Give and Take in GM’s Chinese Partnership August 19, 201 WSJ Sharon Terlep

“In a joint venture GM and SAIC, China’s largest auto maker, are looking to new segments and new places to cash in on China’s fast-growing auto market.

GM can ill afford to alienate SAIC. Last year their partnership (Shanghai GM) sold 2.5 million cars and trucks in China. It posted $30 billion in revenue, and $3.2 billion in profit, of which GM received about $1.5 billion. GM reported profit from all its operations last year totaling $7.6 billion.

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