28 September 2012 0 Comments

Senator Dave Argall – Not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend – Union Financed

Senator Dave Argall Union’s Favorite Republican receives $84,000 from them.  Senator Argall will not be receiving the Gov. Scott Walker award for protecting The Forgotten Taxpayer READ MORE Scott Wagner at Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

    Senator Dave Argall pretends to be the Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend and yet Unions pay him $84,000, more than any other Republican and more than most Democrats. Has the Pennsylvania House or, Senate ever run a Bill to eliminate Coerced, Automatic, Paycheck Deduction?  Have they run a bill for Elimination of Prevailing Wage requirement on all government financed construction?  Or even on Right to Work legislation and Liquor Privatization?   No, they have not run a bill on any of these!!!! Why is that? See Scott Wagner’s commentary. 



Dave Argall ” Can I  fool them again.”

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