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Jewish Democrats Moment of Truth: Israel Unfriendly Democrat Lois Capps or a Friendly Republican

Decision time for pro Israel Jewish Democrats…Will Jewish Democrats vote the Party or will they vote Values?

Free Beacon reports on a moment of truth for pro-Israel Jews.AIPAC is a liberal leaning organization that lobbies, primarily, for aid to Israel.

This is one of those moments of truth, and Democrats are going to have to decide: Am I a pro-Israel activist first, or am I a Democratic activist first?” said one pro-Israel operative who has been tracking the race. “The pro-Israel community has been waiting for years for the right opportunity to take on Lois Capps and her anti-Israel voting record.”  READ MORE Washington Free Beacon 23 August 2012 Capps Off 


Lois Capps “Unfriendly Incumbent” – faux pro-Israel J Street’s candidate





Abel Maldonado Pro Israel Challenger



Abel Maldonado Voted For Largest State Tax Increase in U.S. History Congressional candidate Abel Maldonado was awarded the “Richard Rich Backstabber Award” for his betrayal of taxpayers. READ MORE Americans for Tax Reform 1 June 2012


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