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Kathleen Kane Dave Freed Tom Corbett and Jerry Sandusky: Uncovering The Coverup

Brad Bumsted Tribune Review’s Harrisburg Report makes some salient points but leaves some questions. READ MORE 11 August 2012 The attorney general’s race & ‘the Sandusky factor’

What did Kathleen Kane have to say about reviewing former AG Corbett’s Sandusky investigation? 32years of One Party Rule may be enough. Power corrupts, even Republicans, does it not?

And no mention of AG’s office’s investigation of former AG Zimmerman’s involvement in Hershey Country Club Golf Course land deal.

And, do we think there was a complete investigation of Senate Bonusgate Republicans?

I think Dave Freed may have more problems that just Sandusky. Tom Corbett has a Sandusky problem.

Kathleen Kane is independent of Democratic Party Leadership and Union Leadership (her husband’s company is free market competitive opposed to Card Check and her husband is Kathleen Kane’s primary financier).

Dave Freed is inextricably entwined with Tom Corbett’s Harrisburg Establishment Insider Network.

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