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Union Power Prevents Progress Part 4: Union Power Meets Media Power – Arrest Made

Media Matters the Democratically Owned Inquirer with its Democratic, Unionized Workforce reports, for the first time I can remember, on union racism (one line in Inga Saffron column) and union thuggery. The Inquirer, Daily News, WHYY Newsworks and The Obama Media “barks”.  Unlike Sherlock Holmes and Silver Blaze, the odd thing in this case is that the Media Watchdog Barked.


“Ever since your story came out [this] week, since the arrests, it’s been a lot calmer,” Michael Pestronk, one of the two brothers developing the Goldtex, told the Daily News Friday.

Last Saturday, union protester Ryan Stewart, of Philadelphia, was arrested at his home, and another protester, Philip Garraty, of West Grove, Pa., turned himself in Monday on an arrest warrant. READ MOE 27 July 2012 Inquirer Valerie Russ

      Union Rat versus the Free Market Pestronk Brothers – Equal Opportunity Employers

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