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Double Talking Kathleen Sebellius and Barack Obama: Paul Ryan “serious proposal “

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told The Daily Caller that the Medicare reform plan put forth by Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan is a “serious proposal” but President Obama has “made it clear” that it is not the right direction for the program.  Daily Caller 17 August 2012  Because it ends “Medicare as we know it” and shifts from a government run bureaucracy to voucher system  adding, she says,  $6,000 costs to seniors from taxpayers … The Obama Administration has not offered any plan to confront the $ 38 TRILLION unfunded liability.

PPACA sets out Independent Payment Advisory Panel which will mandate what treatments you get, if and when you get them and what medicines you get, if and when you get them. There are two ways to reduce costs: Government Rationing or Free Market Pricing System.

In 2010, however, President Obama spoke highly of Ryan’s plan.

“I think Paul [Ryan], for example, the head of the Budget Committee, has looked at the budget and has made a serious proposal. I’ve read it. I can tell you what’s in it and there’s some ideas in there that I would agree with but there’s some ideas we should have a healthy debate about because I don’t agree with them. The major driver of our long-term liabilities, everybody here knows, is Medicare and Medicaid and our health care spending. Nothing comes close,” said President Obama



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