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Paul Ryan: President Bill Clinton’s Former Chief of Staff Praises Paul Ryan

Some Democrats recognize Paul Ryan’s competence and the validity of his ideas. Erskine Bowles is one who is (was) willing to acknowledge Rep. Ryan’s contributions to fiscal debate. READ MORE Commentary Contentions 13 August 2012 Alana Goodman

“The president came out with his own plan. And the president, as you remember, came out with a budget. And I don’t think anybody took that budget very seriously,” Bowles continues.

  Erskine Bowles Co-Chair of President Obama’s Budget Deficit Commission praised Paul Ryan 2011  Erskine Bowles Co-chair of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and former White House Chief of Staff under the Clinton Administration Erskine Bowles speaks to the media during a news conference at the National Press Club September 12, 2011 in Washington, DC. Bowles call on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the Super Committee, to’go big and develop a large-scale debt reduction package sufficient to stabilize the debt as a share of the economy’ as the committee,

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