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Tom Smith’s Ad and Bob Casey’s Own Words –Casey/Obama’s Stimulus Finances Foreign Jobs!

Please vote for Tom Smith ad at PoliticsPa. http://www.politicspa.com/reader-poll-which-ads-are-most-compelling-this-cycle/39779/

Tom Smith’s  ad effectively neutralizes the phony ad that claims that Tom Smith wants to outsource jobs.

In fact, Bob Casey’s own words were the basis for Tom Smith’s ad. The Smith campaign neatly turned a phony, negative ad against  Tom Smith to a negative ad against Casey

Tom Smith’s Ad  — Bob Casey’s Own Words 80 per cent of Stimulus Jobs subsidized foreign jobs!!!  Bob Casey voted for Stimulus and the Democratic President and the Obama Administration is the “they” allocating money for foreign job creation.

Bob Casey said exactly what the Smith Campaign Ad said  to Greta Von Sustern in 2010 as reported in PoliticsPa itself  READ MORE 12 July 2012 Kelly Cernetich



Casey/Obama Stimulus Financed Foreign Jobs… 42 months of unemployment over 8% and even higher if U-6 rate used. Black Youth Unemployment Rate is slightly over 30% !    See Also  US Bureau of Labor Statistics Special Report of Black and African-American February 2012 Unemployment.

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