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Estate Tax Scam – “College Perfesser” and Limited Government

An elite USC  “College Professor” and the Stanford Law Review makes the point that lesser lights, (advocating for Limited Government) have made for years about the way Leviathan Statism works :  “Big groups with small stakes—that is, most of us—continue to pay through increasingly burdensome middle class taxes for most of what government does, including stringing along those “lucky” enough to be members of a special interest group. It’s a variant of a very old story, and it is time to stop keeping it secret.”

Eward McCaffery, Robert C. Packard Trustee,Chair, in Law and Professor of Law, Economics and Political Science B.A., Yale University; J.D., Harvard University; M.A. Economics, University of Southern California. Clerked for The Honorable Robert N. Wilentz, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

  READ MORE TaxProf Blog 15 August 2012  which links to Stanford Law Review 13 August 2012 Edward J. McCaffery The Dirty Little Secret of (Estate) Tax Reform



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