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Liberty Index 2012 Appropriations Acts Part 14 – Act 14A UPENN Subsidy


Appropriation Act 14A   July 2 SB 1126 University of Pennsylvania

The Liberty Index scores Act 14A of 2012 AGAINST LIBERTY because of the misallocation of taxpayer resources and because of the lack of evidence that subsidy produces intended results at an affordable price.

House Fiscal Note  ANALYSIS: This legislation appropriates a total of $28,137,000 for the University of Pennsylvania. It specifies $27,889,000 for veterinary activities and $248,000 for the Center for Infectious Diseases. These are the same amounts that were appropriated for fiscal year 2011-2012.

A few taxpayer subsidized are 1% or the 1% and one has to wonder how it benefits the General Welfare to take from the many to enrich a very, very few.   

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