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Liberty Index 2012 Appropriations Acts Part 13 – Act 13A LincolnU Subsidy


Lincoln University, multi multi million dollar student union renovation & expansion (see also TempleU’s multi multi million dollar student center, also, designed by Kimmel-Gogrette Architects who are being well paid by the taxpayers of Pennsylvania)

Appropriation Act 13A July 2 SB 1125 Lincoln University

The Liberty Index scores Act 13A of 2012 AGAINST LIBERTY because of the misallocation of taxpayer resources and because of the lack of evidence that subsidy produces intended results at an affordable price.

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was chartered in April 1854 as Ashmun Institute. …was “the first institution found anywhere in the world to provide a higher education in the arts and sciences for male youth of African descent.” The story of Lincoln University goes back to the early years of the 19th century and to the ancestors of its founder, John Miller Dickey, and his wife, Sarah Emlen Cresson. The Institute was re-named Lincoln University in 1866 after President Abraham Lincoln.

House Fiscal Center ANALYSIS: This legislation appropriates a total of $11,163,000 for Lincoln University. It specifies this entire amount is for general support. This is the same amount that was appropriated for fiscal year 2011-2012.




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