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Liberty Index 2012 Appropriations Acts Part 5 – Act 5A of 2012 Office of Small Business Advocate Funding

Appropriation Act 5A June 13 SB 1476 Office of Small Business Advocate – operation

  The Liberty Index will rate Act 5A  FOR LIBERTY because this year’s appropriation is the same as last year’s.


Appropriation Act 5A House Fiscal Analysis Appropriation Act 5  appropriates $1,092,000 from the restricted revenue account within the General Fund to the Office of Small Business Advocate in the Department of Community and Economic Development for general government operations for the fiscal year July, 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013. This appropriation represents no change in funding from the current year. Funds in the restricted revenue account are derived from assessments on utilities regulated by the Public Utility Commission.


House Fiscal Note to 2010-2011 gives a description of what Office of Small Business Advocate does, or is supposed to do. It is not clear how a government agency can, or should, represent small businesses, or any other business, before another government agency which is, also, supposed to be protecting and promoting the General Welfare. Seven people seem like a lot of duplication.  A million plus taxpayer dollars buys a lot of health insurance and medical care. This would seem to be an “appropriation by inertia”. Senate Fiscal Note 2012-13, also, describes this appropriation. Money does not come from General Fund but from public utilities and, indirectly, the ratepayers.

Office of Small Business Advocate

This Fiscal Year 2012- 2013              Appropriations Act 5A of 2012    $1,092,000 = SAME as last year

Last Fiscal Year 2011-2012               Appropriations Act 8A of 2011     $1,092,000

Fiscal Year 2010-2011                       Appropriation Act 2A of 2012       $1,061,000







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