17 August 2012 0 Comments

The Enemy Within: Republicans Selling Out Republicans Part 3- HRCC’s $25,000 Smear of Republican Primary Voters’ Choice John McGinnis PhD Finance HD 79

Republican Majority Leader Turzai’s Union Financed House Republican Campaign Committee, Chairman and PSEA Financed Dave Reed, Spent $25,000 to Smear  Right to Work and The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend John McGinnis (PhD Finance) to protect 34 year incumbent Big Spending Porker Rick Geist. The Republican Primary Voters in HD79 chose John McGinnis in April 24, 2012 Primary to represent them in the General Election 6 November.


Now, HRCC refuses to financially help repair the false impression its despicably untrue mailers and TV ads presented of  real deal Right to Work, Free Market John McGinnis.






The Real John McGinnis former WRTA (Rush Limbaugh station)  1240 Talk Radio Host and Penn State Altoona Finance Professor is well-known to many in the District for his consistent fiscal positions. (Note Pennsylvania is headed for bankruptcy. If Pennsylvania were NYSE Stock Exchange stock, it would be sold short.)



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