17 August 2012 0 Comments

Lower Merion: In Decline? Some Markers

Churches “going out of business”? Is this a sign of the decline of Lower Merion? Lower Merion’s population and economy have not grown, housing prices have declined as the cost of government escalates above the rate of inflation with no increase in quality or quantity of services.

Over the past ten years, Lower Merion’s spending, debt and taxes have accelerated beyond inflation rate and population growth, which is near zero, with no increase in the quality or quantity of businesses.

Businesses are, apparently, in decline and even churches are “going out of business”. What does this tell us about Lower Merion’s economy.

“Half a dozen property owners have recently asked the township how and when they can convert all or part of their religious sanctuaries or club buildings, said building and planning director Bob Duncan. “READ MORE ARDMORE MERION WYNNEWOOD PATCH 26 July 2012


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