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Student Loan Bubble Part 7: Law School Grads Indentured Servants to the Government

TaxProf Blog is edited by a law school professor, Paul L. Caron, University of San Diego School of Law. (Very professorial judging from his blog photo.) Professor Caron presents a video by an equally professorial law school professor Paul Campos, University of Colorado Law School. In this video from Bloomberg Bloomberg: Law Grads Are Now ‘Indentured Servants’ to the U.S Government 13 June 2012









Two out of three 2011 law school graduates did not get real legal jobs   Paul Campos

” NALP has released preliminary employment statistics for the class of 2011 nine months after graduation. They are terrible yet unfortunately not surprising.

12% of 2011 graduates were completely unemployed in February 2012, and another three per cent had re-enrolled in further graduate study, which can be treated as the functional equivalent to post-law school unemployment. So the first takeaway from these numbers is the nearly 15% unemployment rate for people who got law degrees from ABA-accredited schools last year. This figure compared with an 8.2% overall national unemployment rate, which to my surprise is also the unemployment rate among 25 to 34 year-olds (see Table A-10). So we can infer that getting a law degree effectively doubles the risk that a young adult will be unemployed nine months after receiving it. READ MORE June 8, 2012 Paul Campos  Lawyer’s Guns and Money PAUL CAMPOS



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